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Tips To Help Your Teen Fight Sexual Harassment At School

Teenagers and young adults sometimes think about sex more often than most other age groups, and it's generally considered to be a healthy part of growing up. However, if all of those hormones are causing someone to sexually harass your teen or young adult while they are attending high school or college, your kid needs to know that they don't have to put up with it. Here are some tips you can use to help your child regain control of the situation, and what you should do if the problem continues:

Go to the School First

Most high schools and colleges train their teachers and instructors in today's age to be on the lookout for sexual harassment. With that said, adults are not always privy to everything that is going on in the hallways or even in the classrooms of their school. In a perfect world, you'll be able to report the problem to the appropriate authorities and have them step in to put an end to the concern.

Start Documenting

If the problem continues even after you seek official help, have your teen or young adult document each instance. Write down the date and time that it happened, what was said or done by the offender, and the name of any allies or friends who might have been nearby and witnessed the incident. With those things said, you should also make sure that the school is following proper protocol and doing everything it can to gain control of the situation. If your teen or young adult feels the authorities at the school are not listening, you should document this inaction as well. Write down what your teen was told when they asked for help and any actions (or inaction) that followed.

Contact Legal Help If Necessary

If your teen or young adult comes forward with allegations of harassment, you need to give the school a reasonable amount of time to address the problem. If it's clear the problem is still happening, you have a couple of different options, both of which may involve hiring a law firm that offers sexual harassment attorney services.

Option one is to go after the school for negligence if it's clear the adults in the room are not doing what they should to stop this situation. Option two could be to file a civil suit against the offender. You should also keep in mind that if the harassment ever crosses over into assault, you have the right to contact the police as well. Regardless of which direction you go, having an attorney on your side will make it clear just how seriously you are taking this situation and may spur further action from the school before a lawsuit becomes required.

For more information, contact a sexual harassment attorney in your area today.