What To Do If You're Dealing With A Family Member Contesting A Will

If someone in your family has recently passed away and someone else in your family is contesting the will, you could be dealing with a really stressful situation right now. It can be tough to know how to handle this type of situation, but if you are dealing with a family member contesting a will, these steps can help you get the situation resolved. Be Careful About How You Communicate [Read More]

Should You Allow License Borrowing?

License borrowing allows users in a network to effectively gain a software license for a limited time. The license is returned at the end of the time period, similar to how you'd check out and then return a library book. Borrowing is very helpful for people who might not use the software regularly, so they'd rather not drop hundreds on a full license. The question you, as a software engineering company, need to ask yourselves is if you're going to allow borrowing for the software you sell. [Read More]

Let's Talk About "Happy Accidents" And How To Patent Them: A Legal Perspective

In whatever manufacturing business you are in, there may come a day when your plant accidentally produces something unusual. When you realize that the accidental product is new, different, useful, and marketable, you may want to turn your "happy accident" into cash. Before you get that far, you should explore patenting your new accidental product and consulting with a patent lawyer about your product. Here is what the lawyer might have to say about this accidental product. [Read More]

Sandwiched Disasters: 3 Secret Sauce Ingredients To Protect Your Business From Messy, Pickly Lawsuits

Are you a new business owner? If so, you are likely happy about the future of your business. Perhaps you have not considered the possibility that your business could be involved in a lawsuit in the future. Lawsuits for businesses may originate from unhappy customers or disgruntled employees. Sometimes the allegations made are true, but there are times when litigious individuals file lawsuits against business owners. If you are not prepared for this type of business issue, the aftermath may be severe enough to force you into going out of business. [Read More]